Bipasha Basu told Times of India about her alleged kiss with Ronaldo… “All the joy of meeting with my favourite footballer has evaporated.”

“For God’s sake, that photograph just cannot be taken seriously! Is that how newspapers define a lip-lock? I’m horrified. Suddenly, because of that photograph, I am internationally famous. But do I want fame at this cost?

“The photograph is not doctored, obviously somebody clicked us on a cellphone, but we were just dancing in a crowded disco. This is not a kiss! I cannot even say I was drunk and don’t know when and how this happened. Ronaldo had leaned over to say something in my ear, and the camera caught him at that inopportune moment, that’s what this is.”

From the photo it’s obvious they were not lip-locked (yet), but do you hold a face like that when ear-gossiping? I wonder.

Guess what? Ronaldo’s new lover Bipasha Basu has a boyfriend in India. His name is John Abraham (real name Farhan), a famous model and actor.

While Ronaldo has kept her relationship with Gemma Atkinson as trickery as his soccer skill; Bipasha’s relationship with John is quite well known in India, some reports actually mentioned that the couple is already engaged.

This is turning into a real saga.

Cristiano Ronaldo is getting close with Bollywood beauty Bipasha Basu

Ronaldo kisses Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu

The football star met the 28-year-old Indian actress-model met at the VIP party after the new Seven Wonders of The World was announced at a gala ceremony in his native Portugal.

Their liaison came just hours after his ‘girlfriend’ Gemma Atkinson was forced to come clean over her fling with Ronaldo’s United team mate Alan Smith. Atkinson admitted meeting Smith but insisted that their relationship ended before she got together with Ronaldo over Christmas.