Cristiano Ronaldo broke the wrist of a fan in the stands accidentally when a 68-year-old Middlesbrough fan was hit by Ronaldo’s volley during last Sunday’s 2-2 Premiership draw.

The Man United star – currently in talks over a new £150,000-a-week contract – landed unlucky Fred Harrison in hospital after accidentally smashing the ball straight at him.

And Fred, who was trying to protect his face and glasses from the mishit, reckons he had a lucky escape. He revealed: “If he had hit me in the face he would have knocked me out.”

Fred, a grandad of six from Hartlepool, was at the game with his 40-year-old son Kevin, who joked as soon as they sat down: “We’re in the line of fire here, dad!” Said Fred: “I didn’t think he’d proved right so quickly.”

Boro have sent Fred a signed shirt to help cheer him up while he waits to have his cast off in four weeks.


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