Cristiano Ronaldo feels he is not given enough protection from referees and fears suffering a serious injury.

The winger was denied a clear penalty against Portsmouth in the FA Cup quarter final defeat at Old Trafford. That incident, coupled with persistent fouling throughout the game, highlights an oft-felt view that the Portuguese is not protected by referees.

“It’s very frustrating, the referee was unbelievable,” he told MUTV. “He didn’t want to give the penalty, he didn’t want to give yellow cards – I’m very disappointed.

“Refs don’t protect skilful players. I think about the Arsenal player (Eduardo) and I’m scared sometimes to do skills because some players do unbelievable fouls and the ref protects the defender, not the skilled player!

It’s very disappointing and I’m thinking a lot about changing my game. When referees don’t give penalties, yellow cards or reds, it’s difficult to play.”


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