Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has started libel proceedings over a newspaper article alleging he was fined £8,000 (€10,506) in one day for using his mobile phone during training.

Top London law firm Schillings announced that it has issued libel proceedings at the High Court against News Group Newspapers, owners of The Sun.

The libel claim follows publication of an article headed “Text-Mad Ronaldo fined £8k, Fergie’s Fury on phone ban. Exclusive”, which alleged that the footballer was fined £8,000 in one day by his manager, Alex Ferguson, for using his mobile phone four times during training.

Simon Smith, Ronaldo’s solicitor in London, said: “Our client is a professional footballer who takes his training very seriously.

“The Sun article wrongly accuses him of being unprofessional and he felt he had to take legal action in order to protect his reputation.”


So… the ‘phone addication’ story is not true then?

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