Cristiano Ronaldo claims he is not showing off when he utilises his array of trickery, merely satisfying his own lifelong addiction to football.

Before befuddling opponents with his sorcery, as he invariably does, the 21-year-old winger puts on a bewitching pre-match show as he runs through his repertoire of tricks and flicks.

“I cannot help caressing the ball or enjoying juggling.

“I used to do it when I played in the street, I kept on doing it all throughout my training and I still do it now. And I will keep on doing it.

“This is the real Ronaldo. I believe that when people see me on the pitch playing with the ball before the beginning of the warm-up, they may be tempted to think that this is nothing but a charm offensive or showing off.

“If this is what you think then you are wrong, because I do it naturally. Before matches, both for the club and when I play for Portugal, I always have the same routine.”


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