Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is keen to bring an end to the ongoing disagreement between Cristiano Ronaldo and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

The Portuguese pair traded caustic remarks through the media late last week before Mourinho brought into question the winger’s upbringing and education.

“We’ll try to draw a line under this, of course,” said Sir Alex, who was understandably keen to focus on the small matter of his side’s Champions League semi-final decider in Milan.

“Maybe the tactic is to unsettle the boy, I don’t know. He’s barking up the wrong tree there, but I think he was below the belt bringing class into it. Coming from a poor working class does not mean to say you’re not educated.”

The United boss did praise Ronaldo, however, for not being drawn into a high-profile slanging match with the Stamford Bridge chief.

“What Ronaldo has got is principles,” said Sir Alex. “The boy’s not responded to it whereas some people who are educated have no principles, so we’re leaving the matter that way.”


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