The war of words between Ronaldo and Mourinho hasn’t ended yet, as the Chelsea manager accused the Manchester United winger of “not showing maturity and respect” and attributed that to a “difficult childhood” with “no education.”

It started when Mourinho claimed on Sunday (Apr 22) that there was a new rule in English football, where United could not concede a penalty and Chelsea could not win one.

Ronaldo later was reported to have told Portuguese television that Jose Mourinho doesn’t know how to admit his own failures; and Mourinho retaliated by calling Ronaldo a liar.

Alex Ferguson on Friday commented that Mourinho has no respect for others and should be punished by FA for the penalty comment.

Then, in the aftermath of Chelsea’s 2-2 draw at home to Bolton on Saturday which saw them slip five points behind Premiership leaders United, Mourinho was asked about comments Sir Alex Ferguson had made in response to the row.

Mourinho said: “It’s a game where a kid had some statements not very… not showing maturity and respect, maybe difficult childhood, no education, maybe the consequence of that. Sir Alex felt he had to protect his boy. But normal things… I have no problems with him (Ferguson). I have no problem with the boy.”


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