Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is in war of words.

It started when Mourinho claimed on Sunday (Apr 22) that there was a new rule in English football, where United could not concede a penalty and Chelsea could not win one. Mourinho was referring to spot-kicks both Sheffield United and Middlesbrough felt they should have been given at Old Trafford and a penalty he thought Chelsea should have had at Newcastle.

“The whole world knows how he is,” Ronaldo later was reported to have told Portuguese television.

“Mourinho always has to say something when he is not happy.

“Jose Mourinho doesn’t know how to admit his own failures.”

Mourinho responded by reportedly telling RTP TV that Ronaldo will ‘never reach the level that he wants to reach’ unless he accepts ‘facts’.

He is reported to have said: “A player who wants to be the best one of the world, and he already may be, should have the uprightness and the sufficient maturity to verify that against facts there are not arguments.

“If he says that it is a lie that Manchester United have conceded some penalties this season which have not been awarded against them, he is lying.

“And if he lies he will never reach the level that he wants to reach.”


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